Last Riftwarden of Kerabres


Aravashnial is a Riftwarden, a member of a secretive society that has long opposed the works of the Blackfire Adepts and any others who would use planar portals and gateways to undermine or assault the Material Plane. He supports himself by crafting magic items and selling them to shops in Kenabres and by casting spells for hire.

Humility has never been one of Aravashnial’s defining personality traits as he considers himself one of the most knowledgeable scholars and arcanists in Kenabres. He is well regarded among his fellows as a talented and courageous wizard.

He was blinded by Khorramzadeh’s whip (as collateral damage, Aravashnial was beneath the Storm King’s notice) but his disability hasn’t dampened his haughtiness.


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