Irabeth Tirablade

Leader of the Eaglewatch


Irabeth Tirabade has fought long and hard to be recognized as a force for good, and is proud to be a full-fledged member of the Eagle Watch. After years of facing others’ suspicion, she finally gained widespread public acceptance after exposing another paladin’s treachery. After the Fall of Kenabres she became the highest-ranking survivor of the remaining crusaders left in the city and has taken control of the resistance movement. Along with a handful of experienced crusaders and city guards, Irabeth has taken control of taking in remaining survivors, gathering intelligence on the assault, formulating defensive plans in response to periodic attacks from demons and cultists, and working to keep morale up by promising the Mendevian army is only a few days away from helping to retake Kenabres.

She is the wife of Anevia, both working together to hold back the demonic hordes.

Irabeth Tirablade

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