The Storm King


The powerful balor demon Khorramzadeh rules the city of Iz in the Worldwound. He is known as the Storm King, as his form is bathed in lightning rather than the fire usual to balors.

He is one of the two most powerful of the Worldwound’s many warlords. His notoriety has risen in recent years, since his forces managed to destroy one of the wardstones that keep the demons out of Mendev, enabling demonic forces to enter Mendev for the first time in a generation. The attack ultimately failed, but the leaders of Mendev were worried that the Storm King’s gain in prestige would enable him to unite a sizeable part of the Worldwound’s demonic hordes against them. This fear would come to fruition with that attack on Kenabres and the weakening of the wardstones.

After his great victory during the assault on Kenabres, Storm King Khorramzadeh continues his assault to the south where he and his armies lay siege to several southern cities on Mendev’s border.


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